I Like Experienceproject More Than Facebook

I really like this site. This site allows you to be anonymous and you can post whatever you are thinking and most of the people are here can relate so everyone is really supportive and writing just helps me feel better. I deleted my facebook about 2 months ago because it was just a bunch of drama and was just upsetting me more than making me happy. I just got on there a few days ago to get ahold of someone (since I didn't have their phone number) and it was TERRIBLE! So much drama and mean people....I deleted it the next day.

I get that facebook has privacy and block settings...but either way I just don't see the point in it. I feel noone on there cares for me anyways. I can post a depressing status and most people don't even care to write or ask what's wrong. ...people who are supposed to be my friends....and on here, I don't know anyone..but everyone seems so nice and supportive. I can relate to their stories and them to mine...you all seem to care more than my "friends" do.
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

Totally agree !