A Rose Left...

Years ago I was working as a barista for a local coffee place when I lived in Colorado, and I was having the worst day.  My heart was low from a fight with a boyfriend, and my job was getting to me.  I was closing up for the day and I needed to clean my machines so I took them apart and walked to the grocery store near my counter, as I did every day.... and I came back from cleaning and returned to my counter only to find a single red rose with a note stapled to it.  I looked around to see if I could spot anyone who might have left it and there wasn't anyone around...  I unfolded the note as written inside was "I passed you today and saw tears in your eyes, I only hope this makes you smile today"   and I'll never know who that was who left that there, but whoever you are... you did make me smile.... a big one... :)  thank you



Amastacia Amastacia
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I love this. Beautiful.

A good friend of mine wrote some lyrics that suits this thread "in this world that we live, most will take and few will give, but this path will lead us home, lead us hom. Few will stay, and most will go. Breathe in the ebb, and ride the flow, and know the path will lead us home, lead us home." i absolutely love that phrase. Thanks for all your wonder comments though! Xoxo<br />
- wen

If only it wasn't so hard to identify them. *sigh*

What a wonderful gesture. It feels so good to know that the entire world doesn't suck.

I hope you will happy everyday.

it is just wonderful that amidst so much negativity there are silver linings... thank you for your comment tho waterdancer!

I agree. This is a beautiful story.<br />
<br />
Just reading it made my day ;)

a small gesture for him probably... but he'll have no idea how much better that made my day!

awwww. that makes me happy that there are still some sweet people in the world.