I Can See It.

I am very keen on peoples behaviour, I read every small insignificant gesture, in milliseconds, telling me the lie behind the fake smile, I feel body language intuitively and react on it without will. I think sometimes its better beiing blind to peoples behaviour

Gaspar1111 Gaspar1111
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2 Responses Jun 4, 2010

I understand completely. Sometimes it annoys me because people make certain "faces". Are people that oblivious? I find that young children are the nicest to be around because they tell the truth and their actions are pure. It is hard to be offended by honesty. <br />
Perfect example is my mother-in-law ... she makes these sarcastic facial ex<x>pressions and acts like no one notices. I notice. But you cannot control what other people think. I just try not to be around her.

Regardless I think that is a very special gift! Most of us lack this and as a result are unable to act appropriately in tense situations..