You Never Know How You Can Effect Someone

I remember in Middle School. I was going to a bad time in my life. The most important person in my life past away. I was taking it real hard. I stop dressing up, dancing, hardly spoke, and anti social. I was turning soon to be 13 and those are your awkward years cause of all the women changes your going through. Especially since I was doing it by myself. I was feeling real low about myself. I was in band and I played flute. One of the 'popular girls', I guess we can call her that. Told me how she thought I was so beautiful. Just hearing something like that. It could of been form anyone. Hearing sincerely made a world of a difference to me that day. I will forever hold that into memory.
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3 Responses Feb 20, 2011

Well that shows how good a friend you are as well, becaus far to often people can be selfish with friendships, and those are the people who need to know that the road goesboth ways! Anyway, thanks again for your story! <br />

Wonderful! Making lasting friends in times like that are always valuable

That is a wonderful story! When thing like that are said, or a small gesture made, it has the posibilities to turn someones day, month or even year around :) the power of kindness and friendship are a fierce opponent to negativity. Thank you for sharing! <br />