When It's Gone It's Gone So Don't Miss It.

Sometimes the small gestures are the most important but they are easily missed.
People put who they are into the small things, the things they do, say write or in their look.
If we don't see them then we miss the persons heart.

You never know what you have till its too late. It can be staring at you and gloating
and saying see me, look at me but if you miss it you've missed a large piece of the
puzzle, the pie.

Once that happens you kill yourself going back over the pieces wondering what you've
missed and how did you miss it. It always seems glaringly obvious after the fact but it's
Always too late.

So stop now and take a look around you and see the gestures the small ones they are
Doing saying, giving or showing. Don't miss them, catch them now before its too late!
Jordangirly Jordangirly
36-40, F
3 Responses Nov 2, 2011

Thanks for sharing your story! A very enlightening post!

beautifully said and very true

Oh how true! Why don't we ever see those small simple gestures when they are in front of us. ineed to start look closer. Excellent post.