Without A Doubt

It really is the small gestures, and acknowledgements that mean the most. A smile, a wave, even a glance can make a huge difference. I wonder how many people truly understand this. Or do they just view it as pettiness? I've questioned this lately, and well...I honestly think that it is in the smallest gestures that you learn the true nature of people, what they are about, and who they are. It can be so...hmm...disheartening when something is overlooked, forgotten or simply discarded. Be aware of those around you, and acknowledge them and the small things they do, it can mean so very much.  : )
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I'm so glad I found and read this. You painted a picture of how i look at things now, All I have learned from my mistakes, not missing the opportunity to make someone feel a bit better or at least not worse. <br />
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I learned a very humbling lesson when I used to waitress around year 2k or so, anyway, I was in the "weeds" the restaurant packed and people lining up at the bar, one waitress short, but meticulously on task, but one error from disaster, i mean, i could only focus on get the orders in and the food out on time, all trying to keep patrons and cooks happy.<br />
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This one lady takes a booth in the back (smoking section), I was irritated a bit already because she sat herself and I was not prepared by the hostess. I greeted her with a smile as warm as I could muster. She was pretty nasty (as i remember), demanding, and I truly made the effort to take care of her, so I would not have to deal with a complaint. <br />
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There was no making her happy (I thought) and she was "camping" took forever to order and held up the table for hours. I think i was being a bit pressured by the hostess to get her paid and out. I was really starting to stress, because when your in the "weeds" and people are waiting to be seated, and one lady seats herself (I know the hostess should have stepped in and told her there's a list, but she was freaking out too, we all were (good ol waitressing days hard work no kidding) <br />
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So I had to think fast and deal, I came to her table (the check had already been given after her meal plate was removed) "Is there anything else I can get for you this evening?", for the 2nd time ( I hate pushing patrons)She just said "no, i'm fine". I did not want to ask her to leave or push her, so I asked instead (i'm mean I could not believe when it hit me how terribly obvious it was) Some real awful had happened. I just straight up asked, "Mam, do you mind me asking, are you ok?, But with my heart and forgot about the whole restaurant for a few moments, I Think she said something, like "no, bad day" I'm sorry, is there some way i can help? "I just buried my husband today". I was floored, told the hostess, "i'm not asking that poor lady to do anything, ima keep filling her water or coffee ( i don't remember exactly) until shes damn ready (but did not tell them what she told me, not sure she wanted the world to know. <br />
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I took some **** for it, but when she touched my hand, smiled a bit, and told me thank you, just that look in her eyes. I'm glad I recognized her pain and not that she was just some selfish patron. And she left, I don't even recall nor care about if there was a tip at this point and frankly i don't remember much else about that day,

Wow...very touching...thank you for sharing. &lt;3

Thank you for your inspiring thought that helped me to remember that:) Peace and Light

I sure do agree with you.

Totally agree with you on this. I remember how one time that I helped an old lady cross the street. Her smile and words of gratitude really made my day! Thanks for sharing this. :)

Very sweet of you. Thanks.

Its surprising how much the smallest gesture makes to someone, and its so nice to receive a smile or a nod back. Sometimes when you feel down just smiling at someone can lift you and you never know you may have just done the same to them

So true...thank you.

Absolutely! I couldn't agree more. I am the type of person who feels like the smallest gestures or the seemingly insignificant things go a long way in my book. I am happy with just the thought that someone was thinking of me. I try to treat people this way but unfortunately not everyone enjoys these little things in life! I had this happen to me just the other day and I expressed this same sentiment! Thanks for sharing....I wish more people felt this way!

It was something that had been weighing heavily on my mind...to be honest I questioned this...and well, I came to the conclusion that it's true. I agree with you completey....simply being thought of means so very much. Thank you

I think they're tiny gestures full of magic that can touch everyone's soul, if said soul care enough to see and realize that (s)he's matter :)

Exactly....thank you.

wise words. sometimes when i have been locked in my own world with my own thought,i have failed to see the small miracles around me, other days when i have been down, i have challenged myself to be a little kinder to everyone during the day, and it nearly always makes me feel better. thank you for reminding me!

Thank you for your comment...I don't think you are alone there, we all get caught up in life. : )