Upward Mobility

Well, every month it’s something it seems, awareness-wise anyway. I guess after a while it is easy to ignore Autism and Breast Cancer and even Black History. I try to donate when I can and to be “aware” as it were, but often I find myself thinking, oh, what is it now?
But then I stop and think about the effort that goes into trying so hard to make people pay attention, so I have really been making an effort to support events that help people. I am a firm believer after all that we are all in this together.
It’s National Mobility Awareness Month. How do I know this you may ask? Easy. Front page. “Local Hero” I was sucked in almost immediately. You see, people confined to wheel chairs often also find themselves confined to their homes if they do not have a fitted van, and those things are hard to come by, difficult to maintain and very expensive, way beyond what most people living with a disability can afford. So the idea is that there is a contest and you can vote for your local entrant. Whoever garners the most votes wins a van. You can go to nmeda.com and vote for someone in your state.
My guy lost his dad a few months ago, and his dad was the person who kept their old dilapidated van running. Without a personal mechanic he and his mom (who is his full-time caregiver) cannot manage. Naturally I voted. I will vote every day.
It’s really the least I could do, it’s all I can do, and when you read these people’s stories you really want to do something to help. I find myself grateful for the opportunity.
Maybe he will win. But it almost doesn’t matter; they are all so deserving, as you will see if you go there, to the site. I needed something to lift me out of my severe depression, and sometimes doing something for someone else can bring a sense of satisfaction. It also made me grateful for all that I have and all that I can do; I am thankful for my mobility this day. It is a small gesture, but with a big payoff. Maybe my vote will be the one that helps him win. He kind of helped me too today. Maybe we both win.


Quintesse Quintesse
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Sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed with trying to figure out who to help, who to donate to, who to volunteer with--there is just so much need out there...
But I have found that, in my life anyway, situations tend to present themselves and I respond naturally.
I can't do it all but I do what I can.
That is the kind of "motto" that I have come up with for myself and it works. I do what I can and I don't feel guilty that I haven't done enough, you know?

It is through given we really receive...

Yeah. Thanks you guys. It is more than just that you are distracted from your own problems; if you help someone (especially someone in "worse" circumstances than your own), it helps you keep things in perspective, and perspective is what sometimes can help lift you out of your own misery. <br />
I agree too, and I loved that you said that it gives you a sense of purpose as well, and how that helps with self-esteem. That is huge. You're right Myah--Bliss said it perfectly. Helping others, even in relatively miniscule ways really does give you a boost. And we get back so much more than we give, often. <br />
Thanks a lot for commenting. You helped me today, both of you. Crawling out from under the weight of depression is not easy, but finding little ways to manage it and having the support of people along the way just got me through another weekend.

Yes, I agree that helping others is a great way out of depression. Even the smallest efforts can add value to our sense of purpose and self-esteem. It's one of those things from which we gain so much more than the value of what we give ...

Very god thought, Q<br /><br />

Interesting, Quintesse. I understood a different point from your story. You are giving and look outside of yourself. You reach out to help others in need. You care, and mean it, it is not just lip service. And because of all of that, you are able to pull yourself out of your own troubles, even if only briefly at this time. You have a caring and warm heart, albeit bruised right now, but your strength is still there, as is your loving. Just don't forget to love and support yourself. Perhaps it is through your consideration and support of others that you shall find your path to easing your pain and sorrow, and decrease the depression you are now fighting.

I thought the contest was just for the month of May. <br />
In any case though, at least it makes people aware--I guess that's the point. I hate that there has to be a contest, but maybe this will also encourage local people to help others in their community--like Emily. <br />
May they all get what they need. That is my prayer. <br />

Great contest. Although I will say it is not necessarily the most votes, it is only part of it. You must be approved to join the competition. Emily Edh was only approved a few weeks ago while other people have been up there for quite some time. So naturally she won't have as many votes as someone else who has been in this longer. Either way, it is an absolutely wonderful thing. Vote EMILY EDH! (She goes to my sons daycare.)