I am realizing that I'm not the only one that feels this way.

I have a friend in my ASL class who loves to do oragami. He gave me a bunch of paper ninja stars over the course of a week. We even sat one day and he taught me to make them.
We were talking the other day and he was playing with one he had just made, so I pulled one of mine out.
He looked at me with this look of....I don't even know. He asked where I got it, thinking I had made a perfect ninja star. I told him it was one of the ones he gave me and he looked startled.
I pulled out the other few that I have as well as a boat he had made for me and showed him.
His reaction still makes me smile.
Him" Y-you still have those? Me: Of course! Him: You kept something that small and insignificant.... Me: Duh. You gave them to me. Him: That....that really means a lot to me.
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Is it weird that I think that's so cute

I think so too. (#^-^#)/