Thank You, Gentleman

Today I was out on my lunch break, and I went to throw some trash in the bin on the street, and as I threw it the wind blew and my rubbish missed the bin even though I was right next to it.  A younger gentleman that looked haggard and toted a backpack walked past and nabbed my rubbish from his feet and shot me a smile and threw it away for me.  A simple thing, some would say...  Most wouldn't care about....  but honestly...  Such a small gesture, will not go unnoticed.  So... thank you... Gentleman

Amastacia Amastacia
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010


exactly my thoughts.... I may never see him again... but he showed me such a gentle side of him that maybe even he wasn't aware of... but I'll cherish it...