Racism is incureable.Everyone is raceist.Thats that.I am racist against black and hispanics. So what?(Sorry to all blacks and hispanics who read this but it is the truth.) I'm not about to go piliging their homes because of their heritage, some of my best freinds are black and hispanic. that doesnt mean that i dont hold racist stereotypse against the rest of them. Guilty until proven innocent, with a completely equal trail to anyone else.

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How do you expect to treat someone as a gray color properly, if your brain is already processing the visual difference between you and that person. You forget, racism isn't always intentional, or even a conciouse action.

to punkrockprincess, well racism doesn't always mean thier bad. like the american troops over seas fighting are probably thinking something along the lines of 'damn iraqies' that doesnt make them bad. besides when you really think about it everyone is racist in some way or another. most just dont see it.<br />
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to hth 13, racism begins as soon as a child begins to comprehend things around it. there are so many factors involved in racism, such as parental opinion, or just simple noticing that someones skin is different from thiers.


yep you're right!

hey,we all have different opinions.*shrugs*

I don't think everyone is racist. I'm not!