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What A Burden...

It sure is. I have BDD and its soo hard to constantly see a monster in myself when so many people say how beautiful I am.

I also have anxiety and depression and I can barely live a normal life because I always think about suicide, death, and my fears.

Because of those, I also have dermatillomania to try and deal with my issues but it just becomes a vicious cycle. 

Too many things are going on in my head that just torture me. How I wish to be "normal". 
reset reset 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 9, 2010

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Hang in there. I assume you see a psychiatrist--I hope you also find a good therapist. Recovery is possible from mental illness--Recovery is real. THings are hard now but I know that they can get better and a lot is up to you - how much effort you put into it. I am sure you are working hard now--try googling the RECOVERY MODEL vs the MEDICAL might give you some hope. You can also google WRAP=which is a wellness recovery action plan that is devised by you to help manage symptoms and keep you on track towards your goals. I work as a Peer Specialist in the mental health field and have Bipolar Disorder. I have come to believe that with the right help we can live happy and productive lives. It is a burdon--but we can get strong and deal with it and grow and still be happy. All the best to you. Keep trying to get help -- and maybe do a bit of research on your own on recovery from mental illness.