Why shouldn't it be! People always want to see us naked and see our **** so we can definitely walk around naked!
Abbywantsyou Abbywantsyou
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Very well expressed, sweetie! :)

I am in full agreement!

You're preaching to the choir. I concur.

agreeeeeeeee ;-)

I totally agree. You know...a lot of problems will be solved if women walked around topless. Wars would stop because we would be mesmerized.

It's logical.

I wish it were that easy! lol

Women walk around naked and people think it's sexy. Men walk around naked and we're a bunch of perverts. Life isn't fair.

Does size play a factor in seeing men naked as opposed to seeing a woman nude. What looks <br />
<br />
better a pair of **** swaying or a dangling penis or a shaved or natural pubic area?

Men should be dressed, women naked. Who wants to see men naked? Nobody really. There's nothing appealing in seeing a man's sex dangling whereas both men and women enjoy a naked female body. There's no equality in this world, face it and enjoy the difference.


I'm going to disagree. Even ugly people have a certain beauty when naked.

To be honest, I do NOT want to see most people naked. NOT AT ALL!

Sexy idea where are you public naked photos, show us please.

You can hang out at my place naked all day long if you wish:-)

Totally agree with u...where shall we sign up for a preview;-)

fine! walk around naked i dont mind!

I do not agree with you,Abby.<br />
There should be no restriction on wearing any type of clothes for women.If you want that w2omen should be allowed to walk naked all over then why men should not?<br />
This world should be free for all.

You have an excellent attitude, sweetie!