My First Week

Tomorrow will be the first week of not being allowed clothing when at home with my boyfriend.
I have spent every evening naked from the moment I get home. I also spent the entire weekend naked and today, Tuesday I am off work and spending the whole day naked (24 hours). So I have spent 3 days totally naked and I have quickly got used to it and feel natural. I love my boyfriend can see me naked all the time and I feel so, feminine and protected by him as he is clothed.
My boyfriend is looking at renting a holiday cottage so I can spend two weeks mostly naked. That will be bliss for me.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Sounds like a very enjoyable time. Getting naked is so much more green and natural than having to cover your body. I hope you are required to go outside to do yard work while naked. Naked outside is even better. Carpe Diem!