So Calming.

I find all of their music to be relaxing and soothing.  Right now I'm listening to "going to california" and I love the part where it goes: 

"Got a punch on the nose and it started to flow;
I think I might be sinking.
Throw me a line if I reach it in time
Ill meet you up there where the path
Runs straight and high."

It's got this eerie calmness to it, I can't explain it.  Another one of my favorites is "All my love" which will be played at my wedding if I have to kill someone to have it LOL!

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No it doesn't. I owe my knowledge and appreciation of this music to my father who exposed me to it, and I am forever greatful.

Led Zepplin is the absolute best along with Genesis

I agree, their music is great and stands the test of time.<br />
It's also amazing that a lot of their music is an adaptation of older blues music with the rock twist on it. Muddy Waters,John Lee Hooker to name a few.

Oh I love the stones too =]

I think it is a tossd up between DEEP PURPLE and Led <br />
<br />

Rolling Stones...hands down!