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I predict hours and hours of good fun in this group!!!!   Line up everyone!    Ooooo, I can't wait!

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I will. Sounds like an interesting book.<br />
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I would also recommend to everyone Republican Gomorrah by Max Blumenthal. It really explores the authroitarian nature hyper-religious movements that have taken over the Republican party. <br />
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Oh! And The Family: The Secret Fundementalism at the Heart of American Power.

NiceGuy, you actually might enjoy the book I mentioned on Puck's post, "the Authoritarian Mind." Bob Altemeyer is respected by his peers, unlike Rossiter.

"I guess what really set's it on fire for me, is that in my eyes progressivism puts this country in jeopardy, but I suppose you probably feel the same way about conservatism."<br />
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Personally, yeah, I do feel that way about Conservatism. Supporters always try to portray Conservativsm as just ordinary people who have very mild -- almost inconsequentional -- ob<x>jections to a very small number of government programs....but the reality is that the movement as a whole is pretty extreme and radical in their beliefs.<br />
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There will always be one person who jumps up and says, "I'm not like that, therefore you cannot smear the entire group!"<br />
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Yes we can. Just because 100 perople out of 100,000 don't support a few key components of the total movement's philosophy doesn't mean that we're being "unfair" in classifying the movement!<br />
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If a single Democrat said, "I don't support the public option!" would Conservatives agree that the entire Democratic party as a whole rejects "socialized medicine" and immediately stop making that claim on FOX News? Of course not. <br />
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For me, personally, my problem with Conservatism is that it is deeply authoritarian and overly militaristic to the point of tipping into nationalism/fascism.<br />
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The worst part is that Christian Reconstructionisnt and Dominionist have taken over the entire Conservative movement.

Ho hum.

Uh oh, another county heard from!

Yes, more puck.

Liberals dress funny and have cooties. I'm laughing now at the futility of it all. I made this group to counter another group. It started a long time ago, and I often wish I never got into the first "debate" and I use the term loosely,<br />
I'm probably somewhere right in between Attila the Hun and Ghandi. I got sore when I read that conservatives were a bunch of uneducated red neck bigots, and at first I was talking about how the left and the right are the two wings of the American Eagle and such drivel. I was pretty wishy washy, but as the teabagger rhetoric grew more intense so did I.<br />
You don't understand how someone can think like me, and I don't understand how someone can think like you. I guess what really set's it on fire for me, is that in my eyes progressivism puts this country in jeopardy, but I suppose you probably feel the same way about conservatism. I'll continue to openly disagree with progressives when they generalize disparagingly about conservatives. but I'll try to use less google and more puck.

"sick of being polite" I was much nicer when I first started to engage in politics here. I really was interested in coming to some sort of personal do they think? Why do they think it? And then, slowly, the frustration set in and I realized, they are not interested in coming to an understanding. Puck is at least nice (most times) when he demonizes all ideas or values that are not his own.<br />
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Now I'm snarky and sarcastic...I don't even try to persuade them. Its sad.

Toby, I want to live a very long life, mainly so I can read what the historians have to say about all this! And so I can tell my Greatgrandchildren, "its true, little annie the third ;) there were people who were actually afraid of universal healthcare!" LOL!

Oh, that puck! He's a glutton for punishment! Got to give him credit, he does dig in his heels! But really, he can't think we actually hate ourselves! That's such a silly assertion.

I think we have them on the run, Annie!