Earned By Giving

Respect is a two-way street, and open to interpretation. There are so many views, perspectives, activities, and lifestyles that respect is a relative term, especially here on EP. I think RESPECT boils down to understanding a person's desires and helping them fulfil those desires without infringing on their boundaries. Nobody should FORCE anyone to do anything they do not willingly want to do - regardless of your choices and/or lifestyles. I read some stories and wonder if the person experiencing them is really enjoying it. People will differ in opinions and desires, but we need to be considerate to our fellow beings, partners, friends, spouses, etc. and respect them as people!
Now go ENJOY those fantasies - hopefully TOGETHER!
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1 Response May 16, 2012

As my we (best friend and partner and I) have both said many times, to each other and others who have asked, absolutely anything goes between two consenting people as long as they love each other, and respect each other both before, and after.<br />
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As long as nothing you do will reduce the respect afterwards, anything is fair game.<br />
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