I Love Mj+will Always Defend His Honour

I think Michael's death affected us all and everyone has different opinions+some bordered on irrational.MJ was a good man and an extremly sensitive soul!!! He gave alot of himself,maybe too much and not enough for himself.An extremly talented man and why do some display hiddeous pictures of his self destruction+profess to have loved him?????The picture on this site glorifies the man inside and out........RIP Michael,the world is a different place without you Love always LM             PEACE

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Sure I'll PM you right now. It may take a while, it's kind of a long story.

WondersBeyondOurGalaxy<Pls msg me,I was a Skinhead type once LM X I went to his Concert in NZ in 1996,His energy,his being,his persona,whateva label Rocks your soul,he made me see+feel safe,loved+he Rocked my Soul+my daughter was in Utero,so he gave me "irrational" thoughts,no,you could feel the destruction/pain he was hiding+still,pls tell me about your dream if you so wish :)) LM X

I think I may have been affected by his death as well. And YES, it would sound irrational if I explained it to you. Don't get me wrong, I never disliked MJ in any way, but I certainly wasn't a fan of his either, I only heard a couple of his songs here and there. But I did have a strange dream where he was mentioned, by a non-human creature none the less, it was a VERY strange lucid dream that happened about a week before his death. I woke up wondering why I dreamt about being told about him because I just NEVER think about him. Anyway, I like the song he made for Free Willy. :-)