The Landlady From Hell

If ever there was a good argument for the existence of the Devil, my Landlady would be it.  I just don't understand why anyone who clearly despises students as much as she would ever want to rent out student accommodation.  Couldn't she just rent out to non-students or something?


To give some examples, first we have what is known in our house as 'The Shed Saga'.  Shortly after Vlad and I moved into the property, her husband began to dig up a large portion of our back garden.  It turned out that he was building a large shed to store building materials in.  We were kind of annoyed by this, as the lovely garden was one of the reasons we liked the house, but let it slide.  Then, her husband and his men were on our property 24/7 messing around in the shed, making it impossible for anyone who was working in the rooms at the back of the house to concentrate due to the noise.  The final straw was when the landlady announced that they would be running a cable from our fuse box to the shed so that her husband could have some light in there.  This was the final straw and we went and visited the student union, arguing that the landlady was breaching our contract.  Although the landlady tried to worm her way out by bribing us with £100 to put towards our bills for the year, we did not back down and so she was forbidden from installing a light until all of us have left.  Her husband was also told he could only use his shed once a month, and had to give us 24 hours notice before he did so.


Yeah, we won that battle, but our landlady is still one mean, obnoxious mega-***** from Hell.  Everytime she sets foot in our house she gives us lectures.  Ranging from banning posters in case they damage her walls, to trying to get us to sell our stuff because 'too much clutter attracts dust that makes her house look a state'.  She also maintains that she always rushes to replace things if they break, yet the average time it's taken her to replace everything that has worn out in our house so far - the microwave, the shower-head, the sofa, the tumble-drier - has been 3-4 weeks.  She is unreal...


Our personal favourite landlady moment was once when she announced a spot inspection, so we cleaned the house from top to bottom to avoid the usual lecture.  When she came, she walked into the front room and said 'I can tell you've been cleaning but it's not good enough' and refused to look in any other rooms.  She then proceeded with our most quoted landladyism 'I expect more from you people.  I expect my other tenants to be dirty because they're Chinese!'.  We just kind stared at her, open mouthed.  Everyone, my landlady, the racist.  At that, she's a fairly young woman - she only looks about 40.  I know that British pensioners have a reputation for being a bit racist, but a 40 year old who rents houses to Chinese students should know better.  I dread to think what she's like with them...

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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Unfortunately not. We did, however, move out a week early just to minimalise contact with the landlady from Hell.

She certainly sounds crazy.<br />
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Yeah, Vlad and I moved out at the start of September. Our new home is much more peaceful.

This is funny! Of course, because it happened to YOU, not me. But I did have my own landlady from hell at one point who, when I asked for her home phone and address she said, "No ... I'm not going to put up with that kind of harassment again." Should've been my 1st clue. I had to send my rent check to a p.o. box. But I did have a phone # for her at work. When I called there she would say, "I'm sorry, but Jane's not in today. Can I take a message?" I KNEW it was her, or was about 90% sure, anyway. "Yeah," I said, "the furnace died." It was the middle of winter. She never did get back to me on that one so I had it replaced myself and took it out of my rent, at which time she totally went off on me, saying, "You should have told me!" God. Get back on your meds, lady. She was this tall, skinny hag who dressed like a street walker in stillettos with big pink lipstick on a deathly white face and no eye makeup. She had hair like a straw broom. Weird. So glad to be AWAY FROM HER.<br />
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I see that your story is almost a year old. Hope you're out of there!

She was that. Vlad and I have been free of her for the last four months and much happier because of it.

gosh she sounds scary!

I am indeed. Hopefully our next landlord or lady is a human being...

Bet you're counting the months if not days... she is, was, and will always be unreal. Get away from this awful ogress a s a p!

Heh, I wouldn't have thought of that... That's a pretty good plan...

When ur about to leave sow some fresh prawns into the hem of the curtains. After a few days the house will be uninhabitable. It'll drive her mad and also maybe prevent some other poor people from renting.

That's our plan. Roll on September 1st, roll on. It's a shame, because my previous landlady was lovely. This one is just Satan...