A Mind Abuse

The topic I want to talk about is when a muslim man "falls in love" with a christian girl, date her, everything is going great and suddenly he says "I want to marry a muslim girl, I cant marry you, can you convert (you should convert)" O_o The most awful thing is when a woman blinded by love seriously considers that and converts to islam. That is an abuse!!! Mind abuse!!!!! The right thing to do is to kick  that man's *** and go find someone normal!

1) If he wanted a muslim girl he could already start dating any of millions. Please tell him to go to his country and choose whatever he wants.

2) Remind him that Quran has nothing against marrying a jew or a christian. And ask him WHAT KIND OF A MUSLIM IS HE? I say he is seriously narrow-minded and to marry a narrow-minded man is a threat to your freedom and individuality.

3) If someone cant accept you as you are and wants to change anything in you in order for you to be suitable to him HE DOESNT LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you want to marry someone who doesnt love you and doesnt tolerate the person you are?

And overall such men are ignorants. If you are an intelligent girl you will kick his *** and find someone who loves and appreciates you as you are.


I am sorry if someone who was in this situation and converted will read that. I am sorry for your hurt feelings.

And I want to say that there are plenty of muslim men who will accept you as you are and wont give you this ridiculous offer to convert. If he offers - his diagnosis is ignorant narrow-minded man. BEWARE.

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5 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Well said Baia Mare! :D <br />
A group invader is what he is! <br />
He tries to belittle you with his language at the end!<br />
You are not a little girl, I can see this. your opinions are well considered. Through obvious experience. This is all about experience, after all.<br />
The story was of course about Relationships. Yet again any mention of any specific religion by a writer immediatly draws a hater.

Wow! Strong words on here with this topic!<br />
<br />
I am finding it very interesting though!

i would never change my religion unless i felt that it was the right thing to do for myself. i wouldn't choose to be with someone who was adamant that i convert.

I am agreement as well. If your ob<x>jective when dating is marriage, you should only date those who meet you criteria, and not forcing your views on others. I am in a similar marriage where I have had salvation shoved down my throat.

There has been a recent story on this subject. I am in agreement with you on this.<br />
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