It's Not Right!

I had once tried to date a guy... he said he was looking for a serious relationship and so am I. So, a friend of a friend or a friend, set us up for a date. He lived in another State... Florida. And I live in Pennsylvania... So, we had to chat on the phone first.

He began asking me questions, as if I were on a job interview... asking me what I thought about marriage, what was my job earnings, what was my educational level, and what was my religion. I had answered all of the questions, waiting for the important stuff to come up, like my hobbies and what do I enjoy for fun... the things that tell about my personality more. But he got stuck on my religion. :-/

He was of the Baha'i religion and he began telling me all about it. I thought he was just sharing. And it sounded like a neat religion. So, I went into detail about mine. He wasn't interested. He went on to tell me about the place of worship and how wonderful the religion is. I listened and had no problem with it. I was just confused as to what it had to do with anything...

Finally he says, in order for me to become his wife (WIFE???? We haven't even met yet!), I would have to go back to school and earn a few college degrees... that I couldn't be a good mother and help my children with homework, without it. And he said this was the teachings of his religion. And then he said, that I must convert too. :-/

And I was confused... pointing out the fact that we haven't even met yet! So, he said I should come see him. But, I've never traveled and had no where to stay, if I did try. But he had family in my city and could visit me. But, he didn't want to... he said he was busy with work. And on his off days, he rather go scuba-diving. He insisted that I come see him, as it would be more convenient to him.

Finally, I let him know that I would not convert... EVER. I am quite happy with my religion. So, he suddenly stops speaking to me. and I thought that was that... I moved on, dated others... which didn't work out from different reasons... and then I decided to take a break from dating.

Then out of the blue, here he comes... Sending me a message, saying that he just wasn't sure he wanted to marry me! HUH? And I told him that I wasn't looking to rush into marriage... I just wanted a date from him, but since I was unwilling to convert, he kinda ran away. The last thing he said to me was, "Maybe I want to date you... maybe I don't. I'm not sure." And my response was, "Well, good luck with that." And I didn't hear from him again.

I was SO done with him. I'm not willing to give up my religion and my beliefs for someone... And I don't think it's fair for a person to ask this! I would never ask for a person to give up their religion! I think it's a very hateful thing to do! :-/

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Maybe he should have gone to E-Harmony! LOL!

Wow! That's pretty psycho and talking about marriage in the first conversation you have with someone is a little intense.