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As much as I would like to see change in the school systems, I can't see it happening on a widespread scale in the near future. The recent trend in group/system structure has been the so called "McDonaldizaton". The principles of fast food restaurants are beginning to dominate more areas of American/world society, school being an excellent example. The most valued attributes of organizations are becoming efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control (of people). These traits are designed to benefit the group/system, not the individual. I’ll be stressing efficiency in this post.

As far as the banning of personal electronics in schools, I’ll have to disagree with you. I do not think the motivation of such bans is so that the user of the device will pay more attention. I think the concern is not on the welfare of the individual (the student), but the welfare of the group (the school). During “work time”, one person listening to music, even on headphones, can distract dozens of people. One person playing flash games can distract every person sitting behind them.

One might suggest a change in the system. Maybe once people are done with schoolwork, they can go to a designated “post-study room.” Or, maybe they can listen to music outside class. Unfortunately, these solutions often bring rise to new complications- both social and fiscal. The point? It decreases the efficiency of the system.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that I may have misinterpreted your point. You state the “agreeable circumstances” as providing undivided attention to the professor and completing work correctly and promptly. But you never really state when the individual would be allowed to use their media player. I'm assuming you mean in the classroom.

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I agree with your opening, and wish something would change. But the No Child Left Behind Act is the main catalyst behind this this horrible standardization.<br />
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But I disagree with the use of personal electronics. There is no need for them in the classroom. They are far more than a distraction, they can be down right disrespectful to those around them who do not care for whatever medium is being played. <br />
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I grew up in age w/o personal electronic devices. The most I had was an honest to God Sony Walkman cassette pla<x>yer when I was in high school. I only used on my to and way home from school. My education did suffer because I was not allowed to use my walkman in the classroom. There are enough distractions to learning, leave the personal devices at home.