I Think the Entire Us Educa...

I think the entire US education system is flawed.

I teach. I know.

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4 Responses Apr 23, 2007

the prioties are all screwed up, i was almost held back a year because of a biast teacher who let any one in sports pass but because i would disagree and make a point agints his teachings in class he hated me. i think the requierments need to be looked at and reset for todays workforce, thoose three years of learn how both world wars were fought are so helpful compared to an elective in work place communication. just so you know i have TBI but was a year ahead in my math classes and finished with 5 math classes on my list. includeing trig.

sounds typical I'm afraid. We are currently battling my daughter's high school b/c they won't allow her to walk the stage. all because she walked into the bathroom where another girl was stealing a purse. Can you believe it????

or the football team gets new equipment or the spanish club goes to Spain.<br />
Yep - our priorities are all out of whack.<br />
and the Testing!!! what a joke!!!

It especially hurt our school system the yr. the superintendent got a raise, the French class got a satellite, and the Math teachers had to copy lessons from ONE book because there wasn't enough finances to get the kids books!!!