It seriously hurts going to school I feel awful there I hate how there is so much conformity there it feels like I'm suffocating. I mean spending 1hr and 30 min in classes I have no interest in, it's like a box and every year it seems to worsen. I'm starting to think school is just a jailer for conformity and I hate it, I rather learn to just learn then to learn to get high letters and numbers. Life isn't about who has the highest letters and scores on tests that are so standardised. I just think there's better ways of learning then the way the educational system has set things up. It's as if we are just puppets and their pulling the strings. I just rebel against it I get in loads of trouble and an ear full of how letters are important and taking classes that bore me so much I can't sit still, are so important. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels like this but I just hate it, it really makes me feel depressed. Change is just what I hope happens in the educational system but if they made it this way they have interest in changing unless everyone boycotts school, which no one would probably do but a few cause there a so scared of failing school.
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Sadly, letters are the only things that matter. Gpa... College... Profession... Yeah. You just have to get through this section of your life no matter how painful and boring it is.

Yea but it's as if the rest of your is based upon these letters and numbers students make in school

You should try online public school, see if they have it in your area. Also you are very smart & I would encourage you to actually get into teaching or politics because my dear, YOU could change the world. <3

Yes I'm looking at online schools they have in my area I rather take class online and do all the work to finish early, and oh my really thank you I was actually looking into politics too