It's Very Bad.

When I was in school I discovered that any old Joe off the street can become a teacher. 

You do not need to be board certified to become a teacher!  WTF?!?  At my school we had, I think, ONE board certified teacher.  One of my teachers had a degree in, I believe it was engineering.  He was a stockbroker, and his wife saw in the paper that teachers were scarce in our district.  So he came in and got the job right there.  It was a math class, but just because you deal with numbers in your job doesn't mean you need to become a teacher.  He was horrible.

He lost our work on mulitple occasions and would get off topic on a rant the entire class and then expect us to know the material on our own.  Then I had an army sergeant.  He was one of my favorite teachers, mainly because he let me run the classroom!  He was in the army twenty years and got out and decided to teach.  He didn't know a thing about what he was doing.  He would come in saying pretty little four letter words, which was hilarious.  Then he used my work as a grading scale.  If it was on my paper, it was right.  No matter if my answers were really incorrect or not lol!

My sister's freshman year math teacher turned out to be a big crack dealer in town.  He had a special rental house where he dealt drugs.  Nice.

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No I don't live in Tx.

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Was this in Texas?

Yeah. My sister is friends with the girl who had the affair with her gym teacher, and they still talk behind her parents' back, but can't see each other. So the girl cuts herself.<br />
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I once had a teacher and I seriously think she was mentally retarded. She was weird, all we did was watch movies in class. We didn't cover any of the material in science that year and everyone in our class got automatically passed because it was the school district's fault for hiring her.<br />
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One time she sat on a broken table and fell. Then, about ten mins she did it again! That's when I realized she didn't belong teaching us.<br />
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I once accidentally broke a $60 slide used in a microscope, she never even realized it was gone when I threw it away =[

Like really, that is so totally way ****** up.

I don't know why this happens. <br />
We had another teacher at our school who was quite young. He attended parties with students and had sex with them.<br />
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At another local school, the gym teacher had a lesbian affair with the student.

That is so ****** up. Why does this happen when there are hundreds of people who went to school for teaching and can't find a job??? <br />
Teaching is a very difficult job and they need to have better support and pay for teachers, otherwise, they will keep getting lousy ones and wonder why this is happening.