Thinking in the shower this morning...


Kids, people, so many people need to be taught mobile phone/ cell phone etiquette!

It's NOT on to sit at a dinner table/ shared car/ in amongst friends, and repetitively answer and respond to text messages, excluding the others who are in your company from what is going on!  NOT ON!


wildernessgirl wildernessgirl
11 Responses Apr 10, 2010

Hi WG, and thanks summer has come but ironically there are gray skies overhead, not blue!<br />
We Brits have had wonderful days bathed in sunshine just like that chap tapping away..he's working<br />
relentlessly, hope he has time for a break.<br />
Thanks Roj, I am pretty fatigued myself glancing at ur logo. Oh there have been scenic days when I would rather remain at home and explore the landscape...<br />
WG, monochrome avatar, must be those rainy days? <br />
Roj and Wg good to hear from you and g'day.

She didn't even take her clothes off roj! She must be truly immersed in her writing!

Pretty cool, isn't it? I wonder if the beach is like that near her? It really must be summer over there...

hey jo i like your new avatar!

LV, I wonder what an 'intensive talk' is like???

BTW I hope that growl has calmed down esp on May Day!

WG, one thing I have never suffered from is the grab a mobile and talk.<br />
I just accept the situation, if someone has the phone firing off it's work related.. they do<br />
apologise bless them!.

thank goodness!

I don't like it either, my husband did that all the time,<br />
<br />
We had a talk, a bit intensive talk!?!?<br />
<br />
And he stopped it

who cares

There are some people I know who do the same thing - I usually talk to them face to face but I've considered just calling them all the time instead since the phone is precedent in their life. My luck they'll tell me they're getting another call.......