The Difference With Falling In Love

The man's heart will fall in love with what he see's.

The women's heart will fall in love with what she hears from the man.

A simple statement that is true at first but all things change when the real personality is known.

For a man "at first she was'nt that cute but now that I know her, she's beautiful, I'm in love with her"

For a women " I love what he tells me, but now that I know him, I can't stand him"

When the personality connects, harmony can be everlasting!
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

True statement. Men are visual, women need the mental stimulation. From the inital est. of the relationship, very true.<br />
<br />
As to the thought that someone is going to change the other - people seem to end up changing when they are in a relationship if only because of that relationship. Some positive reasons - some not positive. But if it isn't a dried up and boring relationship - there is going to be change for everyone.

man-- She's beautiful and smart and...[I never want her to change] yes true after he gets to know her, the man falls in love first with what he see's usually that saying of love comes in thought with all beauty he see's.<br />
<br />
Women-- I can change him. yes true a woman can change a man, and a man will change for the right women.

I thought it was more like: man -- She's beautiful and smart and ... [I never want her to change]<br />
women -- I can change him!!!<br />
<br />
Ding Dao