"The Day I Passed You On The Street And My Heart Fell At Your Feet,I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You" (or Can I?)

“This old song by Hank Williams of the late 50’s fascinated me when I first heard it , and I love it to this very day .But not for the same reason .In my life I also had to go through that experience and I can only tell people who have not been there, it’s not pretty . .It’s not even romantic. It’s something NO -ONE would wish upon themselves or their children (EVER) ,and it is something we should all make work of to see that it does not happen.

When I read poems by young people of their (very sincere) heartache following a broken up love relationship and I think of the pain I had to go through in my own life and how little it was worth it in the end, I can only say: Don’t allow it to happen in your life !
Be wise. Read what the Bible says in this regard:” KEEP and GUARD your heart with ALL VIGILANCE AND ABOVE ALL that you guard ,for out of it flows the springs of life.” (Proverbs 4:23).

‘Unfortunately’ the way we are made allows for this to happen .And love between two people is never greater than after sexual intercourse has taken place. So, when you want to guard your heart, where is the most logical place to start? Sorry to put it like this but the answer is: BETWEEN YOUR LEGS. Start (guarding your heart) there!

Today people want to make as if the Bible is just another book. ”One of all the billions of books there are . .”, I read someone said the other day. Oh yeah? But then (at the very least) a book that has concentrated on the loving aspect of being a human being – and containing records and wisdom that goes back thousands of years .Give it credit for that.

When the Bible warns us about sexual promiscuity (in every book in the New Testament) it is not to limit our freedom, as some people would have it. No, it is telling you that you are not made (to do things) like that . .and if you do that sort of thing ,you go against your operating manual just as any car or washing machine has its own operating manual.

So if the advice in the Old Testament is : “I charge you ,O you daughters of Jerusalem ,by the gazelles and by the hinds of the field that you DO NOT stir up or awaken love until it pleases” and this warning or plea is repeated twice (Song of Solomon 2:7 and 3:5 and 8:4) then , perhaps ,we should take notice and when we find that this worked in many people’s lives safeguarding them from heartache and bitterness in their lives ,then we should know that it is certainly worth looking into .And Not just say that the Bible is just another book!
The thing between young lovers is also in Mal 2:13 -16.In some old translations it said: “Guard your spirit and do not be unfaithful to the bride/wife of your youth” .Twice.
And we find the fuller meaning of that in Eph 5: 31 and 32:” For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall be joined to his wife ,and the two shall become one flesh.(Gen 2:24)
32) THE MYSTERY OF THIS IS VERY GREAT but I speak concerning Christ and the church.”
Even the relationship between Christ and His church is symbolized in terms of the act of marriage between man and wife – how brittle or insignificant can this relationship be?
Sexual promiscuity is very wrong and the Bible tells us that when it reaches its peak (like in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah and Nineveh and in Noah’s time) ,such will be the times when the Second Coming will take place ( Luke 16: 30).
So I wonder why so many people who have to deal with such deep emotional pain for so long in their life, do not try and learn these things so, at least, they can tell their children one day which things in life to avoid in order not to try and operate outside the instructions contained in their operating manual.
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The words in the Bible are gold, but they are so badly underestimated. <br />
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The problem is the mainstream media holds such sway over the minds and hearts of people that it teaches them that this kind of behavior is the norm. You can see that music such as that made by Ricky Nelson, the Beatles and other artists of the time also had a similar affect.

agreed<br />
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we were a little different but we were so in love till her death at age 19 starting our 6 thyears of marrage<br />
we made a great pair we loved each other in ways others never understood and we could never have kids

So very sad to hear but I am sure the memories of that strengthen you too.Thanks for sharing it with us.

This is so beautiful. Lust (fornication) is such a life destroyer and it is never too late to turn and run from it but we live in a world that urges us to embrace it rather than flee. Once that door has been opened, only God can close it again and if we don't turn our desires over to Him, they can literally kill us or alter our lives in ways we could never have imagined. <br />
<br />
So many people don't know the things you've written about here. I pray that these words do not fall on deaf ears.

Thank you for sharing this wisdom, born as it is not just from your profound entry into sc<x>ripture but also from personal experience. Promiscuity starts as a failure to guard one's heart. I am interested to see how many married people flirt aggressively with each other on this site. It shows an adulterous spirit. And although the Bible warns us, we don't realise just how damaging it is until we have been through it. This is a wonderful reflection. Thank you again.