Heck Yes...this Coming From a Person Lacking Good Looks :)

You look at a "gorgeous" (depending on your idea of gorgeous of course) person, and say to yourself, "Yum, yum I want that person" because they're merely good looking and that attracts you initially. But then, let's say you see someone not amazingly stunning, but with the sweetest kindest, most charming personality imaginable (again, depending on what you look for in a person) and you see the warmth and happiness they radiate and bring out in you, and you say, "Mmmm, I want that joy, that happiness, that love."

And have you ever noticed, no matter what the person looks like, once you fall in love with them, no matter their faults, they always look gorgeous in your eyes?

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Find this video from youtube Mandisa "The Defintion of Me"So tired of looking in the mirror
It always says the same thing
I want to be about something different
Something more than the mirror can see
want the love
I want the light
I want the beauty
On the inside
I want the one that you can't see
To be the definition of me
More than the face
More than the girl
More than the voice
More than the world
Pretty is cool for a minute
But it always fades away
Trends are hot for a second
They'll be gone the very next day
Only love will last forever
That's the reason that we're here
Youtube lookup Mandisa "The Defintion Of Me" or "True Beauty"

When I looked for a husband, I looked for what would not fade with time, but rather grow stronger - <br />
-commitment,<br />
-responsibility<br />
-humour<br />
<br />
My husband is not a great looker, but he is handsome to me. I'm not even attracted to look at other guys anymore.<br />
<br />
My husband's soul is the most beautiful thing and all I can say is..LOOKS REALLY DON'T MATTER.

hi yellowrhapsody.you are ,of course,absolutely correct.when you first see someone,and many people don't admit this,if they are that gorgeous person you speak of then what we're talking about is lust,pure and simple.love on the other hand is this thing,this emotion that just sort of absorbs you,i know 'cause my wife did that to me 36yrs. ago. first time i ever saw her i knew i wanted to be with her for the rest of my life.if you are together then i think you grow over a period of time.you expand as well.in addition that love i speak of becomes multi-faceted and there are so many other things that occur.we are,of course,husband and wife but in addition to that we are each other's very best friend.i trust no other as i do her.she is my confidante,my lover.and that is something so much more worthy than those few moments of lust.one last point i'd make is just perhaps that person who says that the looks are so important is a person that can be viewed as being very shallow.

i thought that too, and married a guy with a great personality. now we live in a sexless marriage because im not attracted to him, and if he ever found out the real reason it would kill him. sorry, but looks ARE important.

I believe every person whether urgly or gorgeous is able to make mistakes so i don't think people who are good looking are completely not commiting mistakes as compared to the urgly ones i think we are all human and depend on the kind of personality we have not the physic, a monster will be just like that whether looking good or urgly.

You're right...thanks :D

not weird at all, actually :)

Sweet story, though I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out. :( The guy I'm unfortunately in love with isn't exactly the most amazingly gorgeous guy either, but he has stunning eyes and the most knee-buckling smile, which a lot of people don't see in him. It's weird actually...

ps<br />
i wanted to say that eventually this guy became the sexiest man alive in my eyes and turned me on to no end. it goes to show you that physical attraction isnt everything.

case in point: i met a guy on the Internet several years ago. we chatted exclusively for a long time and eventually started talking on the phone. long story short, i fell head over heels for the man after a while. one day after many months of getting to know one another, we decided to meet. at first, i was not at all impressed by his appearance. he was a mechanic, and was a bit unkempt and disheveled looking--not at all what you might think someone might look like when you meet them for the first time (you know good first impressions being important and all). but after we started talking and got comfortable with each other, i realized that despite what he looked like, this was the man whom I fell in love with and shouldnt that count for something??? i had mixed feelings for the first few days after that, but eventually decided that I was not willing to throw away someone who, in every other way, delighted me. we went out for a long time and it ended up not working in the end for other reasons, but i will always consider him the greatest love of my life (not counting my current love, that is). and i miss him to this day.

Exactly! Especially with the media's influences, we're sort of taught from a young age that being beautiful and having a great body is extremely important, but really in the long run, its more of a perk than an actual necessity.

absolutely ... i was juz thinking abt tht today !!!! .... :D ....