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Yes Personality Means More Than Beauty!

If a lady is the hottest and sexiest woman in the world, but opens her mouth exposing an ugly heart. I will walk away from her immediately. I have no time or patients for arrogant stuck on themselves people. Hell none of us are perfect, and we come with our own flaws and quirks. But heart and compassion make   a woman hot and sexy to me; not just her legs, butt, and boobs, but her heart and mind is what will make my head turn!

Oh, "Hell Yeah" I am a visually oriented man. It would be a lie to say other wise. Aren't we all in one way or shape or form or another? But if the heart is black and the mind is full of ****. I will leave some other pig to fill her needs.

Very honestly spoken from my heart.  
wjk1849 wjk1849 46-50, M 2 Responses Apr 4, 2012

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Well said, I completely agree with you. I I only would rather fall in love with a womans inner beauty and I can't be bothered lusting after someone with looks !!.I prefer love to lust anyway and for me it can only be achieved over time and getting to know the woman.

Very honestly spoken. Hope their are more like you out there!