Personality Makes Up For Things We Lack Physically

before i was always attracted to the hansome sexy guy. i would fall head over heels inlove. i would allow him to step all over me aslong as he stood by my side. it wasn't love, but at the time i didn't know that. after many heart breaks over lust i slowly began to mature and open my eyes to what love really was. i haven't experienced real love but atleast now i know what love isn't;)

now i want a man with personality. a man who is smart, confident, patient, open minded, friendly, trusting, sociol, a pleasure to be with. lovable, and loving. ofcourse i want to be attracted to him but that's not my main concern now.

growing up i was told it's whats inside that counts but never really believed it. ofcourse i would agree and preeched it hypocritacly but hey! what kid doesn't say what adults want to hear? lol i wanted a cute boyfriend not a ugly nice one lol but now i understand. now i am an adult:)

i've noticed that the ones whom lack personality tend to be the good looking ones. males and females. i think it's because they are so use to letting their looks do all their talking in a way, their looks have given them special treatment through out their life and therefore they never had to develop people skills.

like one of my pretty gorgeous!!! friends on fb is constantly copying me on my statuses. sometimes she'll take one of my old statuses and post it as hers or write something similar to what i've written, or critisizing other girls on what they wear or how they look on her status. all the boys ofcourse like her status but she hardly has any female friends. i find it flattering that she would copy me on my statuses but then again i understand since she has never really developed her own personality she is still finding herself. ofcourse she is going about it the wrong way cuz she is so shallow but i use to copy my friends too when i was younger, ofcourse i grew out of it and into my own person.

another example of my little theory is my sister inlaw. she is beautiful!!!! but is always copying my hairstyle. lol. what ever cut i get she ends up getting. whatever color i dye my hair she also ends up getting. at first when i noticed what was going on i laughed and was happy and flattered but then i kept in mind how mean and horrible she was to me. all the rumors that she spread. i realized even though she is a year older than me the fact that she got married at such a young age she never had a chance to develop her own personality. she never had enough time to find herself. plus she is use to all eyes on her since she is so pretty yet has no people skills and can't really carry a mature conversation if not about critisizing some other girl. she also copies my cousin's wife's style in cloths, and my mother's. my mother dresses in a niceyet unique way so does my cousin's wife. it's just so obvious that she goes around copying people. but it's because she hasn't developed her own personality.

what good is looking good if you have no personality of your own?!
veronica4ever veronica4ever
26-30, F
May 10, 2012