So True!

This has always been for me..when I was in high school and all my girlfriends were like "Man...hes is fine!"..I was like yeah he is..but not what I am looking for..I have always been attracted to a persons personality..not their if the looks came along with the great personality..that was a plus..but as you all know that doesn't happen very I am grown and have three teenagers of my own..I have tried to instill this in them two youngest is still all about looks..but my oldest (18) ) has now come to realize..momma was right..its not all about looks..they have to have a wonderful personality too!!!
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Bravo! Yes, the personality is the magnetivity that gravitates us to another of the opposite sex. The lively bantor and passion that stir our emotions mean so much more, and are enduring. Does it for me!

That's so true its not all about looks,humanity is the way to live

So true.