Importance Break Down: Personality: 60-70%; Looks: 30-40%.

I think the ratio of the amount of people who are attractive on the outside (appearance) versus people who are attractive on the inside (personality) is probably 100:10. I think the ratio of those that are in either category compared to those few people who are BOTH attractive on the outside & on the inside - BOTH personality and looks is probably 100:1 .

(What you find attractive - personality wise, appearance wise, ect...are all subjective, of course ) .

I base my ratios on the energy, effort, and time it takes to form and carve your looks Vs your personality & just based on my own experiences & observations .

Looks: Chance / Good amount of money & small amount of time, - you can transform yourself to look any way you want . There are products within the beauty industry for any imperfection/flaw you may physically have. Looks are deceiving. Most utilize their looks to compensate for their lack of personality. That's why some of the ugliest people on the inside might be the "prettiest" on the outside.

Personality: Take a lifetime to form. Through years & years of goods/bads, ups/downs, trials&tribulations, struggles, education, life experiences, mistakes made & lessons learned. No where on a store shelf can you buy the character traits that form your personality. IT IS PRICELESS.

Looks=Purchase; Personality=Priceless; You Be The Judge. I feel like the media puts an immense amount of pressure and emphasis on image- for business reasons and in turns has it's effects on society & creates the confusion of the importance of each .

I love the quote: "Appearance Gets Attention, But Personality Captures The Heart"), because I find it to be entirely true . It's important to be physically & sexually attractive, because that's what makes others gravitate towards you, take notice to you, and ultimately make you approachable. Human beings being the visual creatures we are it's imperative that we are attractive visually, but also being the human beings we are we also have INTELLECT and we don't just live purely on instinct.

I don't understand why some people get so shocked when "Pretty" girls get played/cheated/****** over by their significant others. Relationships aren't based purely on sexuality and physical attraction to begin with . You must have mental/emotional/spiritual connections, common interests, connectivity, chemistry, and compatibility. That is the foundation - through personality & characteristics. I'd like to think the physical/sexual attraction is the icing on the cake/cherry on top of the sundae.

& Cheating is not purely based on sexual terms . Any area that you may be lacking in; your significant other will look for in someone else . Doesn't matter how pretty/hot/sexy/gorgeous/stunning you are...there are 24 hours in a many hours are you engaged physically a day? What are you supposed to do with that person the rest of the time, lol . Not to mention there are people out there that will look just as good if not better than you . If the person lives solely based on their will be easily replaced & sadly disposable . YOU HAVE TO HAVE SUBSTANCE . Looks will fade both physically and within the memory while personality makes a lasting impression . You have to the entire package, it's as simple as that . When you have both beauty in the inside, and outside it increases your rarity which in turns raises your value/worth.
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I think in the long run you are definetly right. personality/character. Almost more than looks i would even say charisma is important.

WOW :) I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you very much. Here is another person who loves personality :) Thank you so much. It makes me feel better about myself lol.