What Do You Define As Good Looking?

And how does that measure up to what society define's as good looking? The media, and culture at large today likes to dictate what we should recard as not only good looks, but see these as being more important.

In the time that i have been alive, i have learned that these so called beautiful people are empty inside or are missing that magic inside of them that connects me to them. There is more to life, and love and attraction than just looks itself. Looks no longer truly matter to me, they do count to a point i dont deny that. however the measure of a man and a woman matters more to me than if they have abs, big boobs or if they are blonde, brown or wtv. i love with my heart, not my ****.

i'm tired of this day and age when beauty is held to such a high standard and what do people do? look excatly the same. isn't their beauty in orginality anymore? who wants  to be a copy? i dont and i'm not attracted to copies or cardboard cut outs. give me a woman or man who has life, passion, a deepness and richness to them, a fountain of humainty and of inner beauty than the plastic dolls lined up  along the shelves.

its like how growing up we played with action figures and barbies, we played with plastic dolls. seem like these days, most ppl can't break out of that.

i'm a minority..for now though i think.
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2 Responses Jul 5, 2012

Nicely put :) i agree totally! xXx

I agree with u. Good looks arent important like personality is