It's a fact of life. Our bodies change as we age...and not everyone ages gracefully.

Give me a mate with a good mind any day!

Granted, some illnesses steal the mind away.  I know the anguish of watching a brilliant mind slowly descend into Alzheimer's.   It breaks your heart.

But Momma D's looks fled decades before her mind crumbled.  At seventy, her body had begun to give out, but her mind was still sharp.  She still was fascinating to talk to.

So while I'd like my mate to have good looks...I don't care if s/he is "hawtt"  I cherish the mind far more than I do the shell that carries it.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 23, 2012

Totally agree with you!!!..It's all in the mind.....but sad to say at times people still look out for the looks instead of the mind....they can be great friends to talk to...you can get emails after emails till they see the looks and it all becomes so predictable...suddenly and slowly they fade away....giving all sorts of excuses but it's obvious....anyway..I'm proud and happy with who I am and what I look like...we're all beautiful and smart in our own ways...whether one appreciates it or not....Only true friends stand by you no matter what the looks are!!!!....:):)..(((hugs)))

Hear, hear! *hug* back at ya!