I would much rather date someone who is caring and funny, and on the more homely spectrum, rather than someone who has the personality of a grapefruit and is supermegafoxyawesomehot. Just saying.

I think it's kind of obvious that the ugliest person in your class could be the most interesting and funny, and the hottest could end up being a complete douche nozzle. XD

More people probably need to realize that...

It's kind of like that episode of "House" whenever House, Wilson, and Chase go speed dating and they make a bet that Chase would get the most numbers solely on his good looks, and it didn't matter how idiotic he acted. House, who obviously is by far the most interesting character, only gets a couple, and Wilson, who is a sweet and caring guy, gets the same. Chase, however, spends the entire time acting like a jerk, and despite that, he got a ridiculous amount of numbers from the women by the end of it.

I rest my case.
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lol Thank you! :)

good post. I agree 100 percent.

So, where do I fit into this picture, MY Dear? :-)

finding out more fascinating revelations all the time! oxoxoxoxoxoxox