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Especially Here At EP

I think my view is shared when I say that I'm here for intelligent and fun conversation. I came here to get a good few laughs after work, find some online friends to keep in touch with, and overall just expand my horizons by talking to people I'd otherwise have no chance to know.

Looks don't hurt but on EP, and the internet in general, they certainly matter less. I can't feel your six packs through the screen or run my fingers through your perfectly groomed hair. Alas, we must settle for becoming friends through mere intellectual conversation and common ground! Oh the horror!

=) This is also my first post, I look forward to meeting people here and making some new friends. I have alot to tell as well as alot of time to listen.

Jess S.
BeRelaxed BeRelaxed 22-25, F 2 Responses Jan 29, 2013

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I am hoping for the same!!

Woo! Common views!

That's ok, I can't feel my six pack either, unless I run out and buy one,lol, although I'm working on finding it. Buying one might not be a bad idea since it would probably last me for a very long time. The hair, well I can do that. Keep on swimmin'. Thanks for sharing.

hahah dont feel bad, I cant see mine either. As for hair hah we'll have to live vicariously through one anther's hand combing until technology catches up enough to allow that through the screen.

Lol, I don't think I've ever said this to a lady before, but I think I have more hair than you do. Mine goes to my waist. Soon time to donate, but haven't set the appt.