Yes, just as always.. and will always be.. my words to everyone who may ask me, I think personalty is more important than good looks. Just that great personality that attracts you to that person is just a great feeling. I never judge people by the way they look, I would be friends with anyone, looks just don't matter to me. I just don't know why some people are so cruel to not be friends with someone just because they think they look "ugly" how can anyone see another person ugly? what do they gain from calling another person ugly? Gods creation is beautiful and never ugly..

My idea of people having to face these bad situations where they are feeling like an outsider or feeling as if everyone else is attractive and not them, if any of you are reading this feel this way, I want you to go look in the mirror and like what you see and don't let anyone put you down! Just love yourself and be who you are! it does not matter how you look all that matters is having a great personality and that can make you 10x more attractive to a person than someone who is good looking.. you are a great person who can achieve many things! You are talented and amazing, you ARE unique.
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so right amir, so many people are made to feel this way and its so unfair on them,..ive never personally done this to anyone, maybe whilst younger, was still immature back then but ive matured since then and have seen the damage name calling can cause to people and its not nice...even those seen as beautiful can still be called ugly, its so sad...personality is what matters...whats the point of being "beautiful" on the outside if youre ugly on the inside, makes no sense....SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!!!

true that...thats why im always inclusive...i know how it feels to be left out and i never want that that for anyone....

You are so right a truly beautiful person is someone who makes you feel good about being you. Life is too long to waste time spent with hateful people

True, true, true! With hate or disgust of another human being, how can we be happy ourselves? I have friends that even look like they may be trying out for a horror movie, now I don't say this with a down or mean intention. I say this as an example of how open my mind and heart is. These people have the most amazing hearts minds. Some of them are even amazing artists, I spend hours every day learning what they know. Some I have even made love to and been in a true hearted loving relationships with.

This world we live in today has become so selfish and hateful that really the only people that I can really stand to be around anymore are these beautiful people others have beaten down and called ugly. They have amazing abilities to forgive and let go. Most people these days can't even say hi to their own mother without some sort of a fight or hate feeling coming out.

Selfish this world we live in, find the true heart and love for another we must. With out it our world will be dark and lonely. I refuse to live that way. How about you?

Thats so ture !! i just wish EVERYONE reads this !! Very NIIIICE Amir :D