Ugly to the Bone

"Beauty is only skin deep but ugly is to the bone."

I saw a spot on television today about the latest reality show where an ensemble of "beautiful" people compete in a coed pageant-of sorts. There are sound bytes of "I'm gorgeous!" and "Everybody wants me, cuz I'm soooo hot!" The gimmick to this show is that they are supposedly being judged on their inner beauty rather than physical aesthetics.

How groundbreaking. (Yawn.)

It seems to me that society generally doesn't care one bit about the content of our hearts but measures a person more by her cup size or the bulge of his-uh-wallet. Am I the only on who thinks this is a bunch of crap?

When I meet a new person, I may unconsciously take note of certain bodily characteristics, but I focus on that person's actions. I like to ask folks offbeat questions and find that not only it breaks the ice, but tells me alot about how they see themselves in the world. I find that far more interesting and have made wonderful friends with whom I can discuss anything and everything.

I don't think of myself as beautiful and even if I did, I had nothing to do with that. I look more and more like my  birth mother Beverly every single day..Her genes are pretty strong!

 I like to wear makeup and feminine acrouments but when ******** down to flesh and bone, all that matters is that I consider myself a good and decent human who strives to be a better person everyday.

Isn't that what it's really all about?

choctawgrrrl choctawgrrrl
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12 Responses Dec 15, 2008

You're correct about that.

Well said. I've learned you are right over the years. However I was a very shallow person all through high school and I sincerely regret it. I now know I missed knowing some really terrific and interesting people.

It's never to late to learn my friend.

you're welcome. u summed it up so great.

Thanks Jerrica!

Well said - I so agree!! :)

well said choctawgrrrl!

Smoke...True words hon...You can't "spackle" away an ugly soul!<br />
<br />
Anti..thanks sweetie..I just write from my perspective and I look forward to reading your stuff too:)

I agree 100 percent. Looks fade w/ age, but the beauty of the soul lasts forever.

Celery,Uicorn, Flour and Danda,<br />
Where the heck were you guys when I was being made fun of in school?? lol<br />
<br />
I'll take being "Eyepatch Candy" and be a good person anyday over being a "beautiful" jerk.<br />
<br />
Wonderful words from you all.

you are right being a good person is the most important. if you are nice looking thats just an added xtra!

Celery,<br />
Yes..I saw that movie and thought it was great! Do you remember how a bunch of people of size boycotted the film and protested it?<br />
Well, I am a woman of size and rather than offending me, it made me laugh and provoked many caffeine-induced conversations about the American standard of beauty.<br />
<br />
I too, find EP to be a great place to meet people and never thought I would (or could!) share some personal stories with strangers from around the world. It's amazing to get to know people without the constraints of being "attractive enough" and I think this is a wonderfully refreshing concept.<br />
I have found this forumn to be largely supportive and I may have even found love too. We shall see.:)

In a word: yes!<br />
That's why I love this place. You get to know people without (a lot of times) even knowing what they look like. <br />
Have you ever seen the movie "Shallow Hal"? I think you'd really like it!