So...I've been on E.P for a few months now without a profile pic & have had 2 messages & nobody talking to me at all. I decided to do an experiment & put a profile pic up last night. I had 100 notifications this morning. Just sayin' Hmm... 😏
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haha, we are a shallow society aren't we ;) Works out even worse if you are a guy without a pic.

Just saying Hmmm, what do u gather from this experiment? Men don't trust people who are unwilling to show themselves?

That personality doesn't count for ****. Lol

That first impressions on a text platform start with the name and then an image to go along with it? I don't want to take a chance to get to know some ones personality when there avatar image doesn't interest me? Human beings a visually instinctive animals. Our eyes and brain work better than, smell , taste or our hearing senses.

Got me there.. Point taken.

Theory and human behavior don't perfectly align. Personality is the stronger attraction but good looks will catch your attention a lot quicker. as the old saying goes, which actually isn't that old; sex appeal sells. Some woman's personality adds greatly to there sex appeal. Intelligence and personal confidence I find attractive. And flirting without having to be drunk.

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