I like the adams family a lot, the way they dress, the way they behave and their house!
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they r 2 kool

spent some years in Fort Walton Bch. 50 miles east of Pensacola, beautiful there. Went to Okaloosa Walton com. colg. 87, 88 in "Niceville" over to UWF for awhile, then to UNM, NM, quite the drive across Texas. Taught Albuquerque Public, for ten, then to Santa Rosa NM for several and now here in Beautiful Glendale AZ with my son and his. Only 104 today , down from the 117. "DRY HEAT", you girl ?"

Thank I am 44 years old 😘

im still just 45 on the inside baby girl. Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Well I am not a fake person and my name is Alma! I don't think I am disrespecting anyone here! But I am not inmature either, I am 44 And behave as an adult.

you go girl, real, mature women are beautiful, always. hope I didn't stir things the wrong way never meant to. ok? tom

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just hearted, alma, after I poured my heart out? Theres plenty more girl, luv your pic sweet thing. message? tom

Thanks, Tom! You are such a sweetheart ❤️

I think your a sweetheart too girl. im only 45 on the inside girl, luv the smile

The adams family, you kinda kinky, that Morticia was a trip, she could drop a guy to the floor from across the room and make beg for more just with one of her knowing looks, you think girl? message, might be fun!

Yeah,me too. I just miss those good old days.

There is no more shows like that anymore 😖

is it on youtube? just askin.

Yeah and there is a channel here in miami called "this" and they show the adams family on the weekends!