Who can define good looks? Only you can. No-one sees anything exactly the same so it is impossible to put a universally understood label on "good looks."

I get so annoyed when people claim this and then don't actually mean it. I'm someone who says it and means it. That doesn't mean looks aren't important, it just means that they aren't the main factor. I have had people say this to me and then when they've seen me, completely ditched me. Well I used to get upset at that, sad, think I was ugly etc. Then I stopped and thought about it- these people weren't defining me, they were defining themselves. They were defining their shallow, closed-mindedness and quite frankly they didn't deserve my attentions anyhow!

I don't think looks are more important than personality. I honestly think personality has more to do with looks than people realise.  I mean take **** for instance. I'm sure when people look at them they don't think "I bet she/he is a really good cook and can sit down with me and have a nice conversation." They don't. They just like the shapes, curves and rawness- which is fine because that's all that's needed for a sexual release. SO it serves its purpose.

When you are actually wanting to connect with someone, you have to realise that things will not be enduring if you base your relationship on looks alone.

I have to say when I see someone smart, funny, witty, open-minded, passionate, spirited- I can pretty much overlook their physical appearance. Their character is what attracts me.

I suppose that is why when I find, or found, someone who matched all those things I fell for them very very quickly. I didn't look at their profile photos for a while, until it became necessary as they wanted an answer on them lol. I was determined not to see them in a visual, but in a non-visual, quality/gift kind of way because that's what I base my reactions to.

I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. I'm pretty sure I've hit the jackpot :o)

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this is a great story- i agree with you!

I wish they did too JC. BTW, awesome name abbreviation lol.<br />
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Certainly has a better ring than 'AA.'<br />
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