You Have to Have Good Personality Along With Good Looks

 I think the personality has to come first before the good looks. there are so many people have the good looks but terrible personalities, or not so good, or stuck up.

 and then there are the ones who have the great personality along with the good looks, that is a good combo, so yes I think personality before the good looks is a must!

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Personality over looks, any day (depending on what i'm looking for though). <br />
Good looks will draw my eyes but after the first 5 minutes of talking to someone,there's got to be something more. I've gotten pretty good at using 'escape routes' to get out of conversations with people who are just too self-involved or obnoxious.

sometimes the personality and wit can capture my mind and attention just as well if not more than the looks. i agree....

i think f you have both its the greatest. but if you have looks and arent nice you have nothing!