How Else Would I Have Banged So Many Women In My Life.

I have banged over 500 women in my life. And it wasn't because of good looks. Now when I was younger I was heavy set, after the Marine Corps i was vry hwp. But it was after my first divorce, and when I was heavy set again, that I banged the last 300 women in my life. So looks had nothing to do with it.

Now I am once again hwp, after having the gastric bypass for my health.  And I don't hook up as often even though I am hwp. I have to chat a woman up and get to know her just like before. But it hurts my chances if I mention my exploits, women don't want to hear that, they want to think they are your first or near first sex connection.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

And how many you been with, really doesn't matter for nothing, its who have you banged lately, that counts. Its who you meet now, that makes you feel good about yourself. The past is in the past. And you can't live in the past, you need to live in the Now.