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don't get me wrong, good looks are a great asset to have, but the personality has to be there for the good looks to matter. a caring and accepting personality, someone who is sweet from the inside, sweet enough to understand, sweet enough to tolerate, sweet enough to acknowledge. without a good personality, who cares what you look like? yeah, first impressions are based on looks, but after that it all becomes the personality. are you willing to have a conversation with me? are we compatible? if we are different will you accept me for who i am? and even if I have trouble accepting you for who you are, will you be able to understand and say "it's ok. i know what you are going through. you may not be perfect. you may have social disabilities. don't worry. i understand". That's what it means to have a good personality, which cannot be proven by having good looks.

guinness16 guinness16
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 16, 2010

I think most people realize this.