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Thank you Sonnet for bringing to my attention just a single day ago the sad plight of Lennox, a dog whose only crime was to look like a pitbull breed, which is banned in Northern Ireland for their provocative spirit and history of loyally protecting their owners. We humans taught that breed what it knows and it merely follows our lead.

Thank you for indirectly unleashing a torrent of hot and salty tears which I let (as a symbol of some sort) my Dachsies Sasha and Persnickity, positioned comfortably on the bed next to my corner desk, eagerly lick from each cheek and eye.

They have no clue that Lennox was "humanely put to sleep" this morning, an insane edict by 51 "wiseman" councilmen from the City of Belfast. 

The tears, despite ghoulishly and temporarily affecting my 'Pro kaypad, are cleansing and enlightening.

I think as I walk my little beasts on the edge of the beach without a human in sight that you did the same with your two doggies 4,000 miles away during your morning. Our attraction to them is simple; their never-ending love and minute to minute devotion is the human-canine existence. It's a purity that simply does not exist with only humans. Not on that 51-member council.

The news and picture of that silly looking dog's face and especially the outrage had to be shared with your friends, especially the ones that share your love for dogs. I immediately, at your suggestion, posted the petition on EP and sent an email to some of my friends in the media and to the animal rights and protection groups.  Crass response from my "connection" at AOL News: "if he lives another day or two we'll get it up on the home page."

It's sad and a loss no matter how you look at it. The vast majority will (did) read something abhorrent and turn away and quickly forget; the majority of the rest will hem and haw from moral soapboxes . . . "nothing I can do about it" . . .  and then the outrage dissipates as it does with time and space.

You, dear, understand we  . . . all of us . . .  can move mountains a pebble at a time (it is the beauty, Internet and change naysayers, of swift and powerful global thinking and global communications) by simply sharing and telling others who will share and tell others.

Not today. Hot tears today. But tomorrow for sure.
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You know the story of the guys walking down the beach, one of them tossing back one, two, three precious baby turtles of the thousands hurled up on the sand by cruel waves, destined to bake and starve.. "why are you doing that?" The other guy says, "it can't possibly make a difference.." ... holding one of the precious endangered ones, the first guy says "It makes ALL the difference to this one" as he threw it into the welcoming water.

Perfect anecdote.

Katie, my darling, I have just seen this story. Thank you so much! You are so very sweet to me. & thank you for being your PR genius self & getting this story far & wide in seconds flat. <br />
<br />
You're right. Next time. <br />
<br />

Lennox. When I see lennox's face I see not one but the millions of animals put down each year through no fault of their own but because there are so many people who take pet ownership so lightly. That's not even counting road kill pets, neglected and abused pets, and ex pets being used by science in all kinds of unspeakable ways. And just before I break out into a complete moral outrage I realize that I eat equally intelligent (as cats and dogs) mammals that are raised solely for human consumption, my consumption. I think of how lousy their short penned in lives are just so I can savior their dead flesh and clog my own colon and arteries in the process. I then realize i am as big a heartless dolt as every one of those 51 council members.

As we all are and do, Dear Cop. Not sure what it is about a single, innocent victim that is still assaulting me this morning. Outrage, like anger over a lover's thoughtless words, cools off and dissipates over time.

People are sometimes the most vile and vicious animals on the planet..... :(

Indeed Sie Sie. We with the largest brains can be thoughtless and have the smallest hearts.

*many tears for an innocent dog*

I have owned pitbulls for over 20 years ( one lived to be 10, the second one, my little princess lived to 12 or 13 years.) Never once did I have a problem with them. The first one was my "baby sitter". He would watch my two , little ones at the time, play and watch TV. When the kids laid on the floor to watch TV the dog would lay next to them or at times would willingly be their pillow.<br />
<br />
The second one was a female. And she was a lover from day one. No one ever told her that she wasn't a lap dog. She would do anything to lay in your lap and cuddle. In the winter time when we went camping ( with a camper) she would go with us but spend most of her time under a blanket. She would cover herself from head to tail and be very content. <br />
<br />
Neather dog ever showed a mean side to anyone. The only time I ever saw the power of my female is when one night as I was leaving for work. She bolted past me to the far side of my truck. And I heard one heck of a racket. She encountered a bear took it one and chased it down the driveway. Then returned to where I was standing in shock and sat down next to me. When I went back into the house she followed me. Laid down on the floor where she normally layed and watch me leave for work. <br />
<br />
With a few bear attacks that summer in the news I could only dream of what would have happened if I walked right into that bear that night. And I do mean right into it. On that side of the truck it was pitch black that night. I would never have seen it.<br />
<br />
Right up to her death she was by my side. Just like a shadow. She was the greatest dog that I ever owned. And I do miss her. A britney pitbull.

Loved your little story about trust and love. Double "**** you" out to the scumbag Belfast council cowards who "courageously" voted to euthanize an unsuspecting dog who didn't die in the arms of someone he loved.

Nudistguyny - your story gave my goosebumps. That adoration right there! &lt;3

My dogs have always been mutts. :-)<br />
<br />
I've always believed that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.<br />
<br />
This poor family was punished, not for owning a "pit bull like" dog, but for the crimes of previous dog owners... and this is typical for today's society. Let's not make people accountable for their own poor decisions. Let's pass another law.<br />
<br />
People who train dogs to be aggressive should be licensed or jailed. Period.

It's sort of funny that we as humans can sit around and state without question that it is flat out wrong to classify people simply ba<x>sed on their looks, yet seem perfectly comfortable stating it is acceptable and desirable (apparently) when it comes animals.

"We humans taught that breed what it knows and it merely follows our lead."<br />
<br />
We humans CREATED that breed - an all the others of the AKC & their cousins world-wide ... all because we wanted a certain 'somethin' for our pleasure, benefit and/or gratification. Rare is the case where the 'purebred' doesn' suffer in some way for our best intentions.