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You lot can run off. You wont understand it. She gets it tho.

There's no fukkin way caging anyone equates to love. Most of you have this idealized fukked up way of viewing things when it comes to that term.

Real love isnt denied it's freedom. How else would it be able to grow if you sit about stifling it?
And maybe some free spirits totally dont see love when its right in their face. Maybe we view it differently. I dont even know anymore.

Love is a fickle bish. And this movie is totally not what i should be watching.

And maybe the story should end in a different way ..and maybe..... just mayyyybe i think too much.

The real story doesnt end this way. Not in the least.

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Ediez! I luv u!!! now, be mine forevah or I kill u! kidding... or not... u nevah no... :P


I guess I can run off too... cause I don't think the type of infinite freedom that allows even polyamory, open relationships and swinging is going to make most people happy. It's rather a minority. And it's never "freedom" in that "being caged fear" type of way, if there is even one limitation that doesn't come from inside of the person being limited. "Freedom" is either complete and total freedom that accepts EVERYTHING the other person does or it's not freedom. If there exists even one single thing that the other person would want to do if not in relationship with You, and after which event You would break up or at least feel unhappy but stayed... it's not "freedom" if that person refrains from doing it.
Freedom is a very complex, loaded, ambivalent word.

Most people are rather more happy when they feel the relationship "imposes" some kind of limitations of exclusivity and preference both sides. Even if because the person who loves, wants to spend time doing "everything" with the other if the relationship is not going stale, and because of wanting to feel special (special as in "the only one and most important", not as in "everyone is special") even if in the eyes of one single person on the planet, that isn't family.

For most people the need for exclusivity and jealousy is so deeply wired into the brain, that even if it were possible to unprogram it, I don't know if the amount of effort put into it would be worth it.

If we were immortal, then sooner or later stuff would be handled... but unfortunately death puts a serious limit on everything. And as much as if You would like to travel a 1000 km, it's better to spend time "upgrading the means of travel", walking to a car rental e.g. even if it's the opposite direction... if You're just walking down the road, it might be better to just go on foot, cause You might reach the destination before even reaching the rental.

It is pretty complicated, but every person is born or brought up with their own needs and things they don't tolerate... and it's not like reprogramming everything to the root is so easy.... possible for that person... or even affordable based on the limitations death, fertility (if one wishes to have children) and the "partner market" allows us.

In a simple generalized version... people will choose for partners those that will not deviate from those needs and non tolerance the least. This again could be viewed methaporically as a form of "hypothethical imprisonment" of a person You choose not to be with.

You can judge a lot of people that they would not stay in some bounds of where You would want them to stay to feel happy and safe. And then You choose the person that You feel wants to stay closest to those bounds by Him/Herself without You needing to put bars in there... and then You "give that person freedom". It's like if You hated when Your partner eats strawberry ice-cream, You chose a person that pukes at the bare sight of strawberry ice-cream... and then said to Him/Her "I'm giving You total freedom, including eating strawberry ice-cream". He/She will never ever use this "freedom" (most likely, but if He does, it's not in the script and all kinds of **** and drama can hit the fan), but it's given... as someone said to me "as an act of will"... which doesn't mean anything really.

I need to watch that film, so I shan't watch the video. Don't wanna spoil it!

(I do know that it ended happily, contrary to the book...)

Still pretty... though the world couldn't take the real ending at the time.

But, yes, perfect. :D

. me thinks it should be re-written........or maybe not. i think its perfect just as flawed as it stands.

No one could do it as well.