*clears Throat*

Now, if you dont mind, i shall sing to Sonnet............

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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Ummmm. Yeah. Ok then.


. *grins* its rare that you have nada to say. WIN!

god wished i didnt click on this *shakes head*


lol am not!!!!

Lmao! Amazing. I love you too baby! <3<3<3

. i wanna so marry you! like now! lmao &lt;3

Yes! Lets do it! :D

. yessssssssssss!

Well, I was going to marry Ediez, but I'm sure all 3 of us can get married together... after all, this is EP.

*sets date*

Ediez &amp; I actually discussed that idea earlier Kit. *grins*

*sits up camera for awesome ********** oooppps ment wedding

Have you picked your dress yet, Sonnet? ;)

Something kind of 50s would suit be best I think. :)

We want to see pics!

Soooo pretty! I love the first one. That's my one: http://www.experienceproject.com/member_album.php?m=-362377314&amp;vp=688019#photo

Ediez has got hers in her albums too!

so its ok if i video this and sell it for profit?

No. Bad boy! Though I appreciate your business acumen. :)

ill split with u:)

Behave! Lol!

i am behaving!

Hmmm... :)

*boyish grin*

so am i hired or what?

.&lt;&lt;&lt; still waiting on your résumé.

ask ediezen she'll vouch for me:)

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