Inspired By Dr. Seuss

An how about poor Ms. Pix
every night at six

Poor Ms. Pix
Has a throbbing horny ***** that needs a fix...

It doesn't seem fair
It doesn't seem right
That she uses a vibrator
Almost every night

It swells and pluses badly needing relief
From a hard **** sliding into the sheath

Pix figures it is due to the naughty talk on EP
From the comments and jokes and all her peeps

Gold, blue, pink it is her choice to apply
See which one will satisfy

It takes several hours to un-throb
but they just don't do the job

Wishing she would use my knob
Instead of the corn cob.

So Lucky count yourself really quite lucky
that your not poor Ms. Pix needing a horny fix....

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41-45, M
9 Responses Jul 28, 2010

*hehehe* !!!!!!! :-)

For Ms. Pixie's conundrum<br />
for it is not hum drum<br />
<br />
A **** inside<br />
Filling the velvet glove<br />
is much better than a vibe<br />
with its white sticky love<br />
<br />
A man's tool is required<br />
to stroke her fingers along<br />
and not everyone will be hired<br />
for a show-er which is hard and long<br />
<br />
Pounding that horny hole<br />
Breath, sweat, and ***<br />
One might become whole<br />
Screaming when everything sums<br />
<br />
For the Pix <br />
getting dix <br />
not the trix<br />
it is the fix.......

*Giggles* <br />
<br />
Oh MY! <br />
Oh My!<br />
How hard I try...<br />
to find a way to satisfy!!!!! hehehe!!!!! :-)

EP is the site<br />
Where you just might<br />
Get a scare or a fright<br />
In the middle of the night<br />
<br />
And why would it be?<br />
Well don't you see<br />
It's not because of me<br />
It's that Ms. Pixie<br />
<br />
Those noises you hear<br />
Are nothing to fear<br />
The reason is clear<br />
It's just you, Pix dear<br />
<br />
Not by finger and thumb<br />
But by vibrator's hum<br />
Will that Pixie ***<br />
It's no conundrum<br />
<br />
Men dribble and drool<br />
She is really cool<br />
And is definitely no fool<br />
She needs no man's tool!!

LMAO!!!!<br />
<br />
Well, Ms. Pixie KNOWS that I would ALWAYS be willing to lend a hand (or tongue) to help!!!!

ROFLMBO! I guess Dr. Suess aint just for kids anymore! MTV and Mewold... VERY creative! ;)

Poor Ms. Pix, In Virtual land, <br />
Just doesn't seem to understand,<br />
She doesn't need her virtual hand.<br />
It seems funny that she doesn't know,<br />
There are a hundred virtual *****,<br />
Just waiting to plow her virtual hole.<br />
The most difficult part, <br />
Ms. Pix can surely see, <br />
Is getting that virtual *****, <br />
From virtual her to real me. <br />

Poor Pix . Hope this can be answered for you soon. I am free. lol....

Poor, poor lovely Ms. Pix<br />
Got dedicated a poem<br />
About her fix on dix...<br />
<br />
Sorry, got caught up in the Pix Lack of Dix Mix...<br />
<br />
(Hope those colorful carnal copies do the trix.)