Men always look at our boobs they always ask to see them and all our boobs are spectacles to men so our boobs should have a day for appreciation!
Abbywantsyou Abbywantsyou
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yeah me too... we've all gotta politely appreciate all the odd ethnic groups and heroes, so why not make jugs reverence a national holiday too...;)

I agree. Can you please add me?

yes we appreciate them, and would you please add me, I would love to see your photo album.


I need that
And I love them ( . Y . ) so much

I very much agry with you

I'll send a letter to my Senator.

Ahhh boobies...even the word is great....hehehe :) (* bowing to your boobies*)

I agree.

In my books everyday is Breat Appreciation Day!

I would happily appreciate your boobs eveyday!

I think this issue should be on the ballot next year. I vote yes.

I would love to admire your breasts!

Men always appreciate breasts, but there should also be a time for women to appreciate their own, and each others'.

i totally agree...boobs are one of god's best ideas...and women should show them more often

Every day is breast appreciation day

Myself, being a 40D, they aren't too big and def. not too small. With my job I often have to bend over or stoop down to show a customer our product. I love wearing semi low cut tops so they can get a nice peek. I also love wearing tight fitting clothing. They are shaped beautifully, so nice and turns me on knowing that it does something for men...and women. Breast are very sexy, I love seeing them and showning them off!

I'm in.

I 2nd that motion!

Absolutely....with an *** like your we should have one of them too!!!

Agree. I am sure there would be a lot less fighting in the world if we coud all stare and touch a bit more ***... I have lost every argument when a girl has flashed me her lovely breasts.

when a guy looks do you look back at his package to see if he is growing from your ****

you're so right. Women should be able to be topless and get discounts where ever they go.<br />
We can all appreciate all types shapes sizes of breasts.<br />
<br />
Well until that happens, I guess I'll just have to admire them one pair at a time, online and in person.<br />
Would love to admire you Abbywantsyou your pic is hot, but sadly I can't see your breasts ;)

I'm up for that!

100% Agree

i think its a great idea but i am a male who loves womens breasts but if you did have an appreciation day it could get out of hand soon some people would want a bottom day & then a **** day untill we all turned into nudists then we would not notice any of the things we enjoy so much at the moment

The breasts are always appreciated day and night.So whats there new in the breast appreaciation day?<br />
<br />
Whenever we look at a woman our eyes are strightway directed towards the breasts then to the eyes then all other things come to our notice.<br />
<br />
Small,big or flat the breasts are always appreciated.

Yes, indeed!