I Think This Is A Good Idea!

I envision an Appreciation day where it would be exceptable to share your breast with anyone who would like to see, touch or suck on them. Total strangers could come up to me and I could cup their heads to my breast and let them suckle as long as they wished to.

I would like to look at other breasts as well.....maybe even doing a little suckling for myself.....Mmm
janshelle janshelle
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i like that idea!!!

I love it. What a great idea...

The creativity is great. I'd totally be up for that and I'd wait in line as long as I needed to. I'd feel like I was on American Idol

Wow, I would not go quite that far. I read so many posts from women who are unhappy with their boobs I think a breas appreciation day is great. Some positive feed back that has more heart than drool. <br />
As much appreciation as affermation. <br />
A cup - B cup - C cup, D cup all the way up. <br />
Boobs are a part of a woman - not the whole part. <br />
Also - offer some leassons. It takes us guys a while to figure out how to hold and caress boobs till they tingle. Till they become sensitive to the air flow around them. <br />
Where to start? Lamaze class. Lamaze taught me why there is a connection between the breast and what's down below. Guys do not have this connection so its harder to understand the best ways to breast sucking, lick and massage. Too bad there is not a show on Discovery channel ;-) Naa this has to be shown and then hand crafted. <br />

Sounds like a cool idea!

Sounds like a great idea to me. I would love to touch, kiss, and suckle your breast Janshelle... and all the other lovely boobs out there.

Where do we line up to suckle and massage a breast??? Hummmm???

*giggle* sounds like a plan! :-)

Appreciation day yes let me know the day i can help you out.

Are we forming a line Gr8white???